The Verdict Is In

It has been decided: black life isn’t worth shit.

Come together in force across the country tomorrow at 6pm.

Let’s not ask for justice: let’s make it happen ourselves.


  1. oh I’m so very sad. As a white person, I want to say this is not right, I STAND with TRAYVON MARTIN !


  2. There are currently no events for Trayvon organized in Houston for today. How do I get something organized. I know how to spread the word but I need info in who to contact to get something organized to meet at Houston city hall.


  3. Just for clarity, are we meeting tonight at 6pm at the different city locations you posted a yesterday or Monday evening??? I live in Milwaukee and just want to make sure I know where to go.


  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Martin family. I have an immediate concern for my son’s safety we live in Arizona where there are a lot of white supremacist groups. I will not allow my children outside without an adult. What’s even more concerning is that Zimmerman is able to walk freely in the streets of Florida with a gun today. If you live in Florida keep your children in the house.


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