Hands up, turn up for Mike Brown: August 20th nation-wide

Another Black man dead. This would be just another day like every other day in America, if it weren’t for one simple fact: Ferguson turned out, stood up, and has refused to get back on its knees.

Stand up around the country on August 20th for a national day of action:

New York City
Wednesday, 9pm, Tompkins Sq Park *Wear black in remembrance of #MikeBrown*

Wednesday, 6pm, 2202 St Emanuel St
Wednesday, 6pm, LOVE Park, 1599 John F Kennedy Blvd
Wednesday, 7pm, 325 Washington Street
Las Vegas
Wednesday, 6:30pm, Federal Courthouse, 333 Las Vegas Blvd South
Wednesday, 6pm, TBA
Salt Lake City
Wednesday, 8pm, Wallace Bennett Federal Building
Wednesday, 7pm, Hart Plaza, One Hart Plaza 
Wednesday, 8pm, Civic Center Park, 100 W. 14th Ave Pkwy
List of cities will be updated as more actions are planned.

Mike Brown was days away from college? Don’t care.

Didn’t he steal some cigars? Don’t care.

What about the looters? Don’t care.

Mike Brown was black, guilty of only this, which made him guilty of all else: (jay)walking while black, (back)talking while black, breathing while black. Black like Oscar Grant, black like Kathryn Johnson, black like Renisha Mcbride, black like Eric Garner, like Rodney King, like Emmett Till. All black, and all guilty.

Mike Brown’s life was of value–is of value. Full stop. No college degree makes that so; no robbery takes that away. The people of Ferguson recognize this. White supremacy’s subtle baiting of thievery, college degrees and saggy pants and talking back does not.

We talk back. We turn up. We stand tall. With Ferguson–for Mike, for every black body in America robbed of its right to live–for every injustice that we are growing sick and tired of. We are done with your police/media slander campaigns. We are sick with anger.

It is too late for containing it.

Not another. Not another. Not one more.

We will turn down for nothing until justice is ours.

To connect with the Organizing Committee and plan a local event, email TrayvonOC@gmail.com, or visit https://www.facebook.com/TrayvonMartinOrganizingCommittee

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